Disney Dragonchain - Blockchain Use Cases

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Provided as input to the W3C Blockchain Community Group [6/2016] by Joe Roets - Disney - Original email
  • Identity systems, including privacy, security, and confidentiality factors
  • Ticketing
  • Rights expression and licensing
    • Digital media entitlements
    • User focused Digital Rights Management
  • Decentralized processing, computing, and storage infrastructure
  • Voting systems
  • E-discovery capable record keeping systems
  • Legal - smart contract to encoding legal agreements between parties
  • Audit - reporting and compliance
  • Funding and accountancy infrastructure and tracking
  • Generic crypto-store (blockchain powered transactional data store)
  • Payments platform
  • Organization internal currency (chargebacks)
  • Modeling of organizational micro-economies (interactions and incentivisation between teams)
  • Open source software project governance (See Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Free and Open Source Project Governance)
  • Entitlements tracking
  • Intellectual Property (IP) marketplace
  • Internal/private prediction market (corporate or organization communications improvement)
  • Customer facing currencies (including loyalty programs) - medium of exchange within an ecosystem (physical or virtual/gaming)
  • Reservations and booking (e.g. travel, room, table) contracts
  • Internet of Things (IoT) security platform (common and secure implementation for configuration, code, and firmware delivery)
  • Enterprise systems
    • Shared data with restricted multi-tenancy (legal and security requirements for data storage within/out international or other legal boundaries)
    • Real-time Enterprise governance (rules based enterprise-wide validation of transactions and blocks - i.e. disparate segments/business units)
    • Move data to the edge (edge services and mobile subscribe to data feeds of necessary data, which is held local to the service, reducing latency and increasing service uptime/resiliency)
    • Configuration management (security, traceability, and non-repudiation of configuration changes)
    • Enterprise analytics (based upon all activity)
  • Pay-for-performance systems via smart contracts
  • Peer to peer financial derivatives
    • Futures
    • Credit and interest rate swaps
    • Bonds
    • Options

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