Disney Blockchain Standardization Notes

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Provided as input to the W3C Blockchain Community Group [6/2016] by Joe Roets - Disney - Original email

  1. What features could DLT add to the Web Platform?
    • Secure distribution of data, i.e. Moving data to the edge/web service (lower latency and downtime)
    • Lightweight verification of data quality or information assurance at the endpoint
    • Ability to independently verify local data (e.g. authN/Z, configuration) with controlled risk (enterprise + trusted partner + external blockchain [Hyperledger or Bitcoin])
    • Real-time enterprise governance capabilities (e.g. in transactional information, configuration items, key management activities)
    • Micro-payment web service request applications
  2. What would we need to add to the Web Platform to enable DLT?
    • For distributed data use cases, locally available network node or blockchain data (likely operated parallel)
    • For micro-payment applications, use of web service request components (e.g. 21.co marketplace headers HTTP_BITCOIN_MICROPAYMENT_SERVER and HTTP_RETURN_WALLET_ADDRESS)
    • Access to respective blockchain library(s)
  3. Some aspects are nearing the point where standardization would be warranted – such as:
    • Proof/verification algorithms (e.g. PoW [SHA-256 v Scrypt v x11], PoS, proof of identity/trust, other proofs)
    • Abstraction of cryptographic libraries
    • Block verification structures
    • Consensus algorithm

WRT #3 above, it would be possible to create a foundation which defined pluggable component interfaces allowing the creation of custom blockchains with known best practice implementations to fit a given need. Most of these interfaces could theoretically be loosely defined today, and multiple implementations could readily be made available.

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